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What We Believe

We Believe In...

  1. Inspiration & inerrancy
    of the Bible
  2. Triune nature of God
  3. God is the Creator
    of all things
  4. Deity of Jesus Christ
  5. Substitutionary atonement & death of Jesus
  6. Bodily resurrection of Jesus
  7. Salvation is by grace
    through faith
  8. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
    in the world today
  9. Physical return of Jesus Christ to the earth
  10. Eternal judgment of righteous & unrighteous
  11. Church should be ready for Christ’s return



We believe in one, true God. Eternal and self-existent, separate from creation and sovereign over creation, all-powerful and all-knowing. God exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Spirit, and He wants us to join Him in living and enjoying a Trinitarian life.


We believe God speaks through general and special revelation. The highest court of authority is His Word – the living and written Word. The Bible is God-breathed and God-preserved, and it provides Christians all we need to know to live lives that are pleasing to God.


We believe God created all things. Within creation God established boundaries and distinction. Jesus alone is the Sustainer, Ruler, and Redeemer of His creation, and He created us to worship Him.


We believe God created mankind in His image, and crowned him with authority. Humans were created with spirit, in gender, and for dominion. People are most human when they bear witness to God’s image, and are most fulfilled when they are truly human.


We believe God created all things good. Creation was poisoned with evil when man sinned. His choice to live apart from God affects nature, family, and work. When born, all humans inherit the sin of Adam. If born again, they inherit the purity of Jesus.


We believe that in pursuit of sinful man, God makes and keeps covenants. God made a covenant with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and the Church. Each covenant is based on faith, and fulfills a role in God’s restoration of a fallen world.


We believe Jesus is both fully God and fully man. Jesus Himself claimed to be God. Through the virgin birth, God added humanity to His deity without the curse of sin. God’s incarnation spotlights His clarity, humility, bravery, and empathy.


We believe Jesus was crucified, and spilt sinless blood. On the cross He carried out our sentence, died in our place, and atoned for our sin. Though the cross stood for weakness and foolishness, the crucifixion now conveys God’s power and wisdom.


We believe Jesus conquered sin and death, and rose bodily from the dead as proof. He was seen by many eyewitnesses. Jesus ascended to God’s right hand, where all things have been placed under His feet. Everyone in Christ shares in His authority.


We believe the kingdoms of this world are being invaded by the Kingdom of God. This invasion occurs spiritually. God operates in the world through the Holy Spirit and the Church. One of the signs the Kingdom has come, is the presence of God’s miracles.


We believe the Holy Spirit is God – a person, not a force. He brooded over the waters at creation. Through the Spirit, God makes new creations today. The Holy Spirit took over where Jesus left off at His ascension. He testifies of Jesus, and does the acts of Jesus. As the Helper, He assists us in worship, with-ness, and witness.


We believe God reconciles people in Christ and in His Church. The Church is universal and local, visible and invisible, gathered and scattered. Jesus bought the Church, He builds the Church, and He does battle through the Church.


We believe in the immortality of the human spirit. Our body turns to dust, but our spirit lives forever. After death the spirit is immediately judged by Jesus. Choices in this life are made permanent in the life to come. Believers live forever with Jesus in heaven, and unbelievers live forever separated from Jesus in hell.


We believe history unfolds according to God’s plan. Today is “The Day of Man.” “The Day of the Lord” comes unexpectedly. It declares that Jesus reigns, redeems, judges, fulfills, and is worshipped. We should live ready for that day.

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