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Christmas Gift Outreach

CHRISTMAS GIFT OUTREACH || Christmas time is here! There are Christmas tree’s in each foyer with ornaments hanging on them. If you’re new to Calvary Chapel, this outreach helps families in our community that are struggling to make ends meet, by bringing in Christmas gifts for their children.

How does the process work?

1. Choose an ornament! Each ornament has the name of one child from our community. I recommend you take a picture of it; in case you lose it. The tag on the ornament is VERY IMPORTANT. 

2. Something new this year: there is someone stationed by the tree. Let them know what ornament you chose and leave a phone number. 

3. Go shopping and pick out a gift for that child.

4. Wrap the gift, tape the ornament tag to the top. Then, bring the gift back on or before Sunday, December 11

Finally, a couple of commonly asked questions: 

— Each child has two ornaments. So don’t feel the pressure that you are getting them the only gift they will get. 

— There is a $50 limit per ornament. This doesn’t mean you need to spend that much, but don’t spend more than that without talking to Ms. Stacy  first. 

Also our gift distribution, where we give the family these gifts is December 18th after second service. To volunteer sign up at the information counter.