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Christmas Women’s Event: The Master’s Pieces

CHRISTMAS WOMEN’S EVENT: THE MASTER’S PIECES || It’s finally here, ladies, this Sunday is our Women’s Christmas Outreach. The doors open at 5:30pm. Come for early shopping, and the program begins at 6pm. This event is designed for you to bring your friends and family members who need to hear the reason for the season. The pottery making demonstration is such a wonderful visual that emphasizes God’s handiwork in His designing each of us. Gods master pieces. If you still haven’t bought a ticket check at the info counter this Sunday morning, we may have some seats still available. Remember this event is for our young ladies, kindergarten age and older only, due to the length of the program no preschooler. Don’t forget, after her presentation, Carole will be selling her pottery. And we’ll also have additional crafting booths for anyone who’s still looking for an opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.