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An Update from Pastor Sandy

This past week Governor Kemp gave churches the green light to host in-person worship services. At Calvary Chapel we think the best way to insure a safe reopening is to do it in stages. At the moment it is too uncertain for our older or high risk members to return. It’s also too early to insure a safe operation for our nursery and children’s ministry. We trust our families and older members will continue to enjoy our services on our three online platforms: Livestream, Facebook Live, and You Tube.

We can though, manage a responsible environment for a limited number of adults (High Schoolers and above). We’ve reconfigured the chairs in our sanctuary to comply with the proper six feet social distancing. This means we now have a quarter of our normal seating, so if you want to attend the recording of our 9:30 Sunday morning service you can reserve a seat. Go to our website,, click on the “Welcome Back” button, and follow the instructions. Rather than record our worship in an empty sanctuary, a limited number of our church family will be able to join us. This opportunity will start Sunday, May 3rd, at the 9:30 service.

Of course, please remember the lessons we’ve learned in this quarantine. If you’re sick or have a fever please stay home. We won’t be hugging or handshaking, a simple wave will do. Feel free to wear a face mask. Sheep look good in masks. And we’ll have hand sanitizing stations scattered around the sanctuary.

Just to be sure you understand, we’re not yet prepared to host a safe environment for children. For now, if children are with you, your family will need to join us online.

Thank you so much for the support you’ve given us during the quarantine. Your notes and comments from week to week are encouraging, and your financial support has been a blessing.

We need two more things from you now… your prayers and patience. First, we need your prayers that God will give us wisdom. No one has navigated these waters before. We need God’s help. Second, we need your patience. I believe God will make it clear when the time is right to fully open. We won’t regret waiting a week or two later than we could have, but we would deeply regret opening too early and someone get sick.

We will continue to take it week by week. Thanks for your prayers and patience. If you want to join us for the Sunday recording, we will see you at 9:30 AM on May 3rd. Make sure you reserve a seat in advance.