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Kids Camp

KID’S CAMP || Kids are naturally curious and when you’re curious about who God is it’s easy to grow in your relationship with Jesus! So this week at Kids’ Camp, we want to engage our imaginations. They’ll not only get curious about math, science, technology, and engineering, but also the God who created it all! We’ll study early church leaders like Paul, Peter, John, and Timothy, who helped the first Jesus-followers figure out: What makes their story unique? What gifts did God give them? What can they learn from other people? How can they spend time with God?

Kids Camp is June 19-21, at FDR State Park. If you would like to sign up or have any questions, or need more information, please see Ms. Stacy – or contact our church office at (770) 736-2828. For details and to register your child for this year’s Kids Camp, click HERE.